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Investment Property Advice For Real Estate Investors

Author of the Rich Dad book series, Robert Kiyosaki, says his “Rich Dad” asserts that investing in real estate isn’t rocket-science. He said it’s simply a matter of using sound judgment. But it’s common knowledge that common-sense isn’t, in fact, all that typical.

Kiyosaki also says, the ”worst” investors are those who have simply not studied the things that produce positive results. They adopt the viewpoint that investing in real estate is either too much of a risk or a rip off. Others leap before they look and end up losing money.

The best advice anyone can give you having to do with investing is simply to educate oneself. If, in your haste to make money, you take action without an education, you will be doing yourself a great disservice. One of your most valuable resources is time and if you squander that, you will often find that your money will follow - money you have that you wind up losing, equity you would have made if you’d just taken the time to figure out the techniques of s…

Effective Real Estate Investment For Making Big Income

In today's financial climate, real estate continues to be a strong investment in many areas. When investing in real estate, they say that the three most important things to consider are location, location and location.

As mentioned above, location is an important factor in buying real estate, so make sure that you do your research first.

For real estate agents, the key to success is to mail to the same “farming” area over and over to get your name in front of potential clients enough so that they remember you when it is time to list or buy a home. Summarily, effective real estate marketing technique is the foundation of a good real estate marketing system, which is key to your short, intermediate and long term success. These real estate marketing ideas, anchored by a good real estate marketing listing system, can help supercharge your business and help you achieve the success you deserve.

Here's an example of a real estate marketing technique that every agent and his and her unc…

Marketing Tips For Your Real Estate Investment

Now that you have made the jump and did some investing in real estate, it is time that you learned some marketing tips to help you make the most of your investment. Marketing is important in real estate investing, and if it is not done correctly, or at all, it could end up costing you lots of money. There are quite a few different ways to market your real estate investment, and these may include direct mail campaigns, fliers, newspaper ads, your home website and website ads, and e-mail blasts to name some of the marketing techniques.

A direct mail campaign is one of the most effective ways to market your investment. This marketing method costs little and is simple to accomplish. The costs are only the cost of the mailing lists, the cost of the copies and envelopes, and the cost of mailing. The key is to follow through with the process. It requires at least three to five exposures to your mail for familiarity to set in and people to become comfortable with you. If you only send out one…

Real Estate Investment Property

If you’re looking for real estate investment property, you could try looking at land for sale. As a stable medium to long term investment opportunity land has the potential to offer excellent returns, real estate investment property with peace of mind.

Land is a tangible investment – you can see what you are getting – but in addition you have the chance to enjoy it for its own sake, with the potential for considerable returns. Land as real estate investment property has risen in value by nearly 30% in the last 12 months and is up by 130% since the early 1990s.

Land compares favourably as an investment when compared with high risk stock market picks, making it an excellent real estate investment property opportunity.

Land which can be bought affordably can be turned into a real money-spinner if you get the right permissions subsequently. As an example, a plot of land in the South East, bought for £15,000, could gain planning permission for a four bedroom detached house. A builder could b…

Real Estate Investment Tips

Ron Victor

Real estate investment presents optimistic cash flow along with tax benefits. However, much like any other investment niche, real estate is dependent on intricate market trends that must not be overlooked, in case the investor may undergo a major loss. Surprisingly, many of the newbie investors are keen to part with their hard earned money, devoid of carrying out a preliminary research of their investment. They also bank on intuitions and traditional trends instead of relying on a meticulous analysis. But before you risk your investment, do heed the following real estate investing advice, in order to make certain some momentous returns on your property investment.

a) Verify the seller’s credentials – Newbie investors find a lucrative property but don’t find any inconvenience while verifying the seller’s credentials, since they are in a scurry to bag the property. They should also confirm some definite aspects as well, together with rent payment records, taxes, and other poss…

Real Estate Investment: One Of The Most Rewarding

Donald Trump, a real estate tycoon says, “It’s tangible, it's solid, it's beautiful. It's artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate.”

Real estate is the term that covers land and other things that are permanently attached to it such as buildings. It is considered as synonymous to real property or realty. It is the exact opposite of personal property, chattel or personalty.

People behind a real estate investment must be good in purchasing and selling realties. They must buy, develop, appraise and sell lands, houses and buildings wisely in order to do business productively.

For sure, they know how to profit. Not jut ordinary profit but rewarding and fulfilling one.

However, in order to have a financially rewarding experience, you must be knowledgeable with the ins and outs of the real estate investment. Ask your self: Is the business deal you are about to enter into a good deal? How do you know if it is?

You must know first the techniques behind the real estate i…

Real Estate: A Strong Investment

Description: Even in uncertain economic times like these, history shows that real estate is one of the soundest investments a family can make. Also remember that the stock market is not the only place where people can make their fortunes. And also, you’ll hardly ever hear of real-estate investors who’ve gone bankrupt, unlike stock market investors.

Even in uncertain economic times like these, history shows that real estate is one of the soundest investments a family can make. During the Great Depression of the 1930s when the stock market plummeted as much as 89 percent, housing prices dropped only 39 percent. So, according to most of the research on housing trends, prices continually stay at the same level as, and most often appreciate faster than the rate of inflation. In fact, the prices of houses actually increased by 10 percent during the economic recessions of the mid-19702 and the early 1980s.

The last downturn of the global stock market resulted in millions of investors who got …

Why Invest On Real Estate?

It's all about money. And if there are other things included, they will be found somewhere in between.

Not that we are trying to be too materialistic here but lets face it, we all need some security that would run down through the years. And that’s exactly what a real estate investment is.

Unquestionably, the benefits that real estate investment could provide are far many than people would have first thought. And while we don’t all have initial access on investing in real estate, working on how to invest on one is a good option when trying to save and earn money in return. If you are more forward looking and want to see a more stable income, you should be investing your cash on real state.

Your house for example, would not forever remain as your house if you choose to have it rented or sold one day. Not only would this incur great sums of money, it would also help you become more secured when you need to produce cash in the future. And the vacant land you have bought today, especial…

Want to Invest in Real Estate? 7 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Buy Another Real Estate Investment Course

Here are seven questions to ask yourself.

1. Is this a hobby or a business?

Ask yourself why you want to invest in real estate.

-Do you want another income stream

-Do you want to build equity in a house

-How many sellers and buyers do you want to speak with each day/week/month

-How much time do you have to invest in real estate

-Are you working a full time job

-Are you retired looking for additional income

-What do you want to do with your time?

If you want to build a real estate investing business, then you need to treat it like a business.

Are you going to be a landlord? Then you need to determine how much time you want to spend collecting rent, maintaining the property, making repairs, answering tenant calls late at night, etc.

Or have a property management company handle the tenants and maintenance? Then you need to determine who you will hire to manage your property and how much you will pay them. Typically a property management company will charge one months rent to locate a te…

Real Estate Investment Training Courses Teach Investment, But Are They Right?

It's all about cash and real estate investment training courses teach that investment is a smart idea, but we're going to look at the good and bad here. Not that we are attempting to be too materialistic here but let us accept it, we need some security that would run down thru the years. And that is precisely what a property investment is. Undoubtedly , the benefits that property investment might provide are far many than folk would have first thought. And whilst we do not all have first access on making an investment in property, working on ways to invest on one is a good option when attempting to save and make money in return. If you're more forward looking and would like to see a steadier earnings, you should be investing your money on real state. Your home as an example, would not forever remain as your home if you opt to have it hired or sold one day. Not only would this attract great sums of cash, it might also help you become more secured when you must produce cash…

Top Secrets Real Estate Investors Use To Turbocharge Their Businesses

Have you ever wondered why some real estate investors seem to make it all look so easy? We have all heard the stories about how one investor made over $100,000 in a week by flipping a house. Or maybe about how another one bought a multimillion dollar apartment complex and walked away with cash at closing.

So how do these people do it? And is it something the average person off the street can learn to do? Well, those are some of the same questions I had when I first started in the business. So I spent months of research and tens of thousands of dollars to learn what strategies these successful people use that the rest of us do not. What follows is a brief summary of what I learned. Some may surprise you, others may not. However, I found these to be common words of wisdom from every successful investor.

1. Real Estate Investing is a Business, Not a Hobby

Every successful real estate investor I know operates their endeavors strictly as a business, even if it's just a part-time thing. T…

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) – a Different Way to Invest in Real Estate

Real Estate Investment Trusts are securities that invest into real estate and can be traded on the major exchanges or held in a private trust for individual investors. Individuals can invest into REIT's by buying the shares of mutual funds or shares of a non-traded REIT.

Some REIT's invest into a mix of real estate types, while others focus on an industry segment such as hospitality or medical facilities. This flexibility gives investors the opportunity to diversify their overall portfolio and then also within the asset class of real estate by choosing REIT's that invest into various industry parts.


High Yields- Many investors are attracted to REIT's for their high interest rate yields. REIT's have on average shown investors an 8% rate of return over the past 10 years, although the returns can be as high as 15% depending on the structure and the portfolio's holdings. These high yields can be reinvested or taken as a current income stream depending on t…

How To Build A Successful Real Estate Website

Do you want to build a successful real estate website that is going to bring in more real estate leads than you know what to do with? If you said yes, then you are in luck. We are going to talk about different ways that you can increase the leads to your real estate website, and in the end, be more successful than you ever dreamed of.

After all, there is a big market out there for real estate right now. However, just because there is a big market out there does not mean that you are going to do good. You have to first generate a lot of leads to your website. So now we are going to talk about tips that can help make your website the best that it can be, and get the most out of it as well.

The first thing that you are going to want to do for your real estate website is to build a landing page. A landing page is the page that your leads are going to land on when they click on one of your many ads. It is very important to have your landing page be different than your home page. That is bec…

Real Estate Investment Loans

A loan on secured by real estate collateral is typically known as a mortgage. This is the most popular form of real estate investment loan used by investors. Real estate investments provide an opportunity to generate cash flow. Apart from commercial banks, savings banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions, real estate investment loans can also be obtained from insurance companies, mortgage bankers, mortgage trusts, investment trusts, pension funds and finance lenders. Private individuals sometimes offer real estate investment loans as well.

There are 2 types of real estate investment loans — residential loans and commercial loans. Property that is solely used for business purposes like malls or industrial parks would be termed as commercial real estate. Commercial loans include buildings, warehouses, and stores. These properties are generally 5 or more units. Property that is solely used for single unit housing purposes is termed as residential real estate. Residential loans…

Real Estate Investment For Beginners

As a real estate broker, I often meet self-identified real estate investors. When I speak to these people, I usually find that they are either true investors or real estate “investors.” The difference is that the real estate “investor” often has never actually bought an investment property. They often downplay the difficulties of real estate investment, and they generally are very eager to peddle their “expert knowledge.” The true investor is usually experienced and is privy to a few basic facts:

1) It’s not TV

“Flip This House” is great television – but is about as realistic as “Sponge Bob Square Pants.” “Flip This House” will show you a tidy $150,000 profit wrapped up in a 30 minute episode because viewers want to see the money and not the work involved. Real investing is very lucrative, but investors also spend years honing skills and market knowledge that lets them find properties under market value.

2) Walk before you run.

Too many investors start with high-risk properties, which is…

Ways To Finance For Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment is now treated as a major case of capital budgeting by using state-of-the-art investment analysis which incorporates the future stream of income it may generate and the associated risk adjustments. There are many ways to finance a real estate investment. Some investors may find it easy to get a loan for a good investment property. Others do not want to use standard real estate financing to buy a property. They would rather use creative financing. You can use any method to finance your real estate deal. As long as you remember there is never something for nothing in the real estate market you will do well.

When you find a property you want to buy the first thing you must look at is how you plan on financing the purchase. This can be in the form of a conventional loan. It is hard to get a lender to take this kind of risk unless you have perfect credit. There must be equity in the home. This may mean coming up with a down payment. You may be able to skip this if yo…

Secret Real Estate Investment Strategy

Probate real estate investing is a special niche not many investors know about. This investment strategy involves buying real estate held in probate. Probate is the legal process used to distribute estate assets of a person who has died. In the best cases, probate takes about six months to settle. If complex issues or family disputes surround the estate, probate can drag on for years.

Probate real estate investing can provide a solution to heirs needing to sell real estate before probate settles. There can be many reasons heirs need to liquidate real estate holdings. One of the most common is the estate has insufficient funds to maintain the property.

Throughout the probate process the estate is responsible for property related expenses. If the decedent held a mortgage, the estate must continue making mortgage payments in order to avoid foreclosure. Additional expenses include homeowner's insurance, property taxes, utilities and homeowner's association dues.

Oftentimes, heirs re…

Buying Real Estate Investment Property For Retirement

What is the difference between rich and wealthy? The difference could be described as either working for a living or your money working for your living. In other words, when you are wealthy, your money works for you such as real estate property providing a cash flow so you do not have to work an 8 to 5 job. That is being wealthy.

It stands to reason that the purchase of a rental property today can make your retirement comfortable because the added income is a positive cash flow. Achieving financial wealth through real estate investments is long term, and can be risky if you don’t do your homework.

There are so many get rich quick scams out there, and some of them are get rich quick using real estate investments. Some of those infomercials are really so much hot air. They have the right idea but the wrong way to achieve it. That is why it is crucial to work with your tax advisor and a knowledgeable real estate professional rather than taking advice from an infomercial at one o’clock in …

Real Estate Investment Loan – Two Critical Things To Consider

Have you ever wondered why some real estate investors fail to meet their monthly bank instalments for their real estate investment loans or why their once stellar real estate investment has gone sour? This article will cover two critical external factors attributable to Real Estate Investment Loans that can affect the viability of your Real Estate Investment.

1.Interest Rates

One of the key advantages of Real Estate Investment over other types of investing is the ready access of information available through the traditional print media and the internet. If you do not know much about macro-economics, the first basic bit of economics that you can learn relating to your Real Estate Investment Loan, is the effect of an interest rate rise and whether there is going to be a rise and why and when. A rising interest rate may eat into your monthly cashflow and erode your earnings so it would be wise to spend some time thinking about the effect of a change in the interest rate on your current in…

Basic Rules Of Preconstruction Investment Real Estate

Although the preconstruction real estate investing option has been around for many years and is nothing new, it just recently became well known to the masses and real estate investors all over the world are scouring the web for the best new construction and preconstruction real estate projects in areas where real estate prices are skyrocketing (Baja Mexico, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Cabo San Lucas, Orlando). While the sudden increase in demand has influenced many legitimate developers to offer more projects and developments, it has also seen the emergence of many ill-prepared developers into the market. Here are just a few ways you can properly screen your preconstruction real estate developer / brokerage and make sure you are not signing with a less then reputable developer:

1. Read Small Print – Before investing in a development, be sure not to fall victim to the curse of the small print. Avoid ending up the subject of those horror stories about real estate investors who are suckered in…

Making Money With Las Vegas Real Estate Investment

Las Vegas in the state of Nevada remains today ever more than before one of the top real estate investment locations in the United States. Many real estate investors have been flocking into the state to invest in property in the area and there is a good chance that the growth of the gaming industry there will continue to spur economic growth.

This article will highlight three areas to consider when choosing your next property investment in Las Vegas.

Firstly, consider proximity of your property to the strip or even better purchase an apartment in the Casino itself. In real estate investment, the prime indicator of capital growth is rental yield. By purchasing a property near to the strip, your occupancy rate and rental yield of your property would be higher than say a little near the fringe of town. The latest developments by W Hotels & Resorts feature for instance apartments that they rent out on your behalf and you collect the rental proceeds.

Secondly, city rejuvenation projects …

Property & Real Estate Investment in Egypt

The main reasons Egypt is so popular with property investors are its stable economy and comfortable standard of living. At present the price of property in Egypt is still within the means of many buyers, however as prospective investors realize the countries potential these prices are anticipated to grow rapidly.

Seen as an emerging property market, Egypt has already demonstrated strong returns for those who invested early, some have reached 20-30% per year depending on the area. The government has stepped up its promotion of the country and is dedicated to modernizing Egypt’s communications and transportation networks in preparation for the arrival of visitors to the country.

The popular Red Sea coastal resorts and main cities of Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria have received the main attention from overseas property investors. Various development projects are underway or have already been completed in the coastal resort regions. Due to this there has been an increase in tourism leading to…

Commercial Real Estate Investment Overview

Commercial real estate investing is an exciting and rewarding industry that yields results to which no other industry can quite compare. In fact, commercial real estate is one of the easiest ways to become extremely wealthy with limited knowledge, personal financial investment and time.

With commercial real estate you are able to return millions of dollars within a matter of a few years, and use other professionals to make it happen. If you can find the deals, get financing, and find the people to do the work, you are officially a commercial real estate investor. Below you will find 5 basic steps that involve commercial real estate investing. It may be simple- almost too simple. However, commercial real estate investors follow these basic guidelines often.

The first step in becoming a commercial real estate investor is to locate actual deals. This can be done through finding potential properties on the internet, the local newspaper, brokers and agents, and for sale by owner (FSBO) sign…

Real Estate Investment – Three Ways To Success

If you ever wondered about the most profitable investment avenue, real estate investment comes out tops. Did you know why? As population rises, demand for services and quality living space is bound to grow. Families would look for residences and business would want more offices. Naturally then, owning a piece of real estate would bring higher returns in the form of rental income and capital appreciation over time to beat inflation.

Before you jump at the friendly next-door real estate agent with dreams of cornering a property in the most glamorous district in the city, do your groundwork well. Here are three simple ways to success with real estate investment.

• Determine your time span and budgetary constraints.

• Do a thorough research on the investment.

• Stay motivated to make real estate investment an ongoing habit.

The first step in your attempt to invest in property consists of making a realistic estimate about your finances. You need not save up for the entire value of the property…

Real Estate Investment: A Way To Secure Your Future

It’s commonly seen that people take longer time before investing in certain expensive items. They make lots of investigations regarding their purchase. Only when all their queries are answered than they agree to invest in the particular purchase. Similarly, investment in land requires an equally careful investigation on part of the buyers. Besides, a lot depends on whom you purchase the land from.

Purchasing land is like purchasing gold. You ought to be aware of its fluctuating prices. Since land prices are always registering an upward rise in the graph, its best to invest in purchasing it without much hesitation. This should be done, of course, not at the cost of overlooking other relevant factors i.e. a buyer has a limited budget and further delay on his part can often result in his inability to purchase his desired land. Moreover, once a land is purchased, the owner always has the golden opportunity to sell it off at an enormous profit. Land prices are always soaring high and so t…